The Rudolph 2013 competition

For the first year to celebrate the app and support given to us by our media outlets we ran a small competition for under 13′s.  During December Rudolph visited the streets of Ipswich as he does every year but this time with the help of the Rudolph app we asked people to take pictures of us at the start zone and as we went.

The winners were Gabrielle and Lillia who won with the picture below.  It was taken at the start of our California run on the 3rd of December.  When Ipswich Round Table fund raising officer Paul Bewely asked Santa to judge the photos he said this.

The winning pictures was taken by Gabrielle age 6 and Lillia age 5.

The winning pictures was taken by Gabrielle age 6 and Lillia age 5.

“We had an excellent response and all my reindeers and elves helped me to decided on the best one.  We thought Gabrielle and Lillia did so well with this picture that I took a few hours off to deliver five lovely presents to them today. It was great to see them again and they promised to be fast asleep for when I come by on tonight’s run.  Also they are going to leave Rudolph an extra big carrot this year. Happy Christmas everyone!”.
Santa said

 How to win 2014

IMG_1120_framed-177x300All you need to do is download the free Rudolph app (links below), take a picture of Rudolph at one of the start locations and email it to us via the app. Whoever takes the best picture wins.

Simply come and see Rudolph before he starts, take the pic and send it in through the app with the email photo function.  Winners must be 12 and under.

It really is that easy, Santa and Rudolph would love to see you all so join in the fun and as it could be you who gets an extra present this year.