Rudolph 2019 Information:

This year we are collecting to raise money to help two key services in the region.  As a result, this year we are collecting on behalf of SERVSC and Suffolk Accident Rescue Service among other great local causes.

If you are looking to see Rudolph please be sure to see us at one of our start locations.  The ones in the evening we leave at 6.30pm sharp so please drive safely and be there in good time as Santa has to leave promptly at 6.30pm.

Please note – the ONLY way to be sure to see Rudolph is to be at the start zone from 6pm please as at times we have to change the route due to traffic and parked cars so please bear with us.

These are subject to change due to things beyond our control – if we complete the listed route early we will continue in that area – updates on Twitter and Facebook as we go.  

Date              Area + Start Location

2nd December – Broke Hall – Leaving The Golf at 18:30.

3rd December – Stoke Park – The Belstead Brook at 18:30.

4th December – Bramford Road – Leaving The Red Lion at 18:30.

5th December – Chantry North – Leaving The Kingfisher at 18:30.

6th December – Crofts – Leaving The Man on the Moon at 18:30.

9th December – Castle Hill and Whitton– Leaving the Suffolk Punch at 18:30.

10th December – Selkirk and Australia – Leaving The Selkirk Arms at 18:30.

11th December – California Area – The Lattice Barn at 18:30.

12th December – Kesgrave – Leaving The Bell Inn at 18:30.

13th December – Belstead Hills – Leaving The Belstead Arms at 18:30.

15th December – Family Run, Woodbridge Road Area – Leaving The Royal George at 15:00

16th December – Rivers & Greenwich Area – Leaving the Margaret Catchpole at 18:30.

17th December – Whitehouse & Bramford Lane – Leaving The Flying Horse at 18:30.

18th December – Gainsborough – Leaving John Lewis at 18:30.

19th December – Christchurch Park East – Leaving The Woolpack at 18:30.

20th December – Christchurch Park West – Leaving The Greyhound at 18:30.

We hope you will help us support us to support both our charities and you can find out more about them by visiting their websites.  SERVSC and Suffolk Accident Rescue Service.

We look forward to seeing you on the routes!

If your business would like to get involved please contact us via the website!