Rudolph 2014 routes and information:

These are subject to change due to things beyond our control – if we complete the listed route early we will continue in that area – updates on Twitter and Facebook as we go

Date                    Area + Start Location  

1st December – Stoke Park total = £629.76 (thank you all).

2nd December – Belstead Hills = £627.69 (thank you Belstead).

3rd December – Bramford Road – £840.92 (excellent and thank you all).

4th December – Chantry North – To be advised.

5th December – The Crofts, Man on the Moon – with Drill Masters and Liverpool Victoria (LV) as our corporate helpers for the night.

8th December – The Rivers Estate, Margaret Catchpole – with Town 102 as our corporate helpers.

9th December – California, Brickmakers Arms – with Legal & General are our corporate helpers tonight.

10th December – Selkirk Area, Selkirk Pub – with Super Structures and Scrutton Bland as our corporate runners.

11th December – Castle Hill and Whitehouse, The Suffolk Punch – Liverpool Victoria (LV)

12th December – Gainsborough, Brewery Tap – with Ipswich Building Society as our corporate runners.

14th December – Woodbridge Road Area, Royal George – with Fitness 23 as our corporate helpers tonight.

15th December – Broke Hall, The Golf Pub – with Ensors as our corporate helpers tonight.

16th December – Christchurch East, Woolpack Pub – with Legal & General as our corporate helpers tonight and supported by Bury Round Table.

17th December – Ravenswood, The Raven Pub – With Seven Group as our corporate helpers tonight.

18th December – Kesgrave, The Bell Pub – with Suffolk Life as our corporate helpers tonight.

19th December – The Australian Estate, The Golf Pub – with Marks and Mann and Brookes Wish to Walk as our corporate helpers.

22th December – Christchurch West, The Greyhound Pub – with Sackers as our corporate helpers tonight.

We hope you will really help us to support the Town 102 Kids Trust charity in Ipswich.

Town 102 Kids Trust

Rudolph 2014 and Town 102 Kids Trust.