Rudolph 2014 charity and Town 102

December is that special time of year for most and for Round Table members it’s especially important.  The annual Rudolph event comes around and it’s time for us to dig in and work extra hard to raise as much as possible for our chosen charity. This year that is Town 102 Kids Trust charity.

Town 102 Kids Trust

Town 102 most people know as a local radio station which has firmly established itself in Ipswich.  It has actually taken things a stage further by embedding permanent roots in the town and organising its own charity to help local causes. This year they are looking to raise funds to benefit a number of local causes and Rudolph, Santa and Ipswich Round Table want to support them.

The team at Town 102 Kids Trust work with, and grant funding to, many local children’s causes in Ipswich.  Our aim is for Rudolph this year to help support some funding requests to improve children’s play areas in Ipswich.

The Kids Trust works with schools, youth groups, disabled children and more, working hard to make life better for children in need and their families.  Also every penny they and we raise will stay right here, in Ipswich.