Rudolph 2012 Runners

At Ipswich Round Table we simply don’t have the manpower to do all the Rudolph runs ourselves.  Every December we go out in all weathers, and in order to do this we rely on corporates, volunteers and supporters to dig deep and chip in.  It can be hard work getting in after a fully days work, seeing your loved ones and wolfing down some food if you lucky.  Then, on with a Snowman outfit and away you go, back out into the wind, rain and all too often snow, to run around for a few hours to help others.

It isn’t easy but every year we do it.

The funny thing is once you see the joy it brings to people of all ages then all of a sudden your own inconvenience doesn’t matter.  It’s great for us to be so well supported by some many great organisations and in the snow of 2012 we had the following groups proudly running with us as Rudolph 2012 runners.


As ever we and the groups and charities we support owe so much to so few.  Above are the local organisations who have given a little of their time and more to help others less fortunate and to see Rudolph do so well.

Once again thanks to the Rudolph 2012 runners and we hope to count on you for 2013.  In addition if companies would want to assist in December 2013 please do get in touch as we could always use more help.

Have a Happy New Year and thank you Ipswich!