Networking in Ipswich

Join Round Table and Start Networking in Ipswich.

Members of Round Table come from a wide range of professions and all walks of life.  This said we all have a willingness and commitment to what we do.  Through our meetings we get to know one another better, this said it is unlike any other networking in Ipswich.  Our events are less formal and great fun.

As you go to more events and get to know the members in your group, your area, and even around the country.  You steadily build up more and more contacts in a relaxed environment and above all else have some fun.

This can be very rewarding as you will get to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise get to know. As your networking widens this can translate into business but also it odd how the more contacts you make the more opportunities come your way.

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Among each Round Table is a wealth of experience, contacts and good people you will get to know over time.  While doing this you will have a great laugh, do new things and generate a lot of good for the community, it’s a win win.

Ipswich Round Table’s networking heritage goes back over 50 years.  The opening picture is taken from inside the nationwide National Sporting Weekend which happens every year.  It is a great conference and event giving members from all groups the chance to meet and mix with one another.  Adding to that a fair amount of socialising, laughs and even some sport.  It makes a cracking weekend and is open to all Round Table members.