The Round Table National Sporting Weekend 2016

This was our second dalliance at National Sporting Weekend and as part of Area 41, Ipswich was well represented.  We had Mr Bewley organising things and he rallied a good troop of us to head up to Oxford.  We ate, drank and partied well in Oxford and we did rather well in the sport as well.

Arrival Beer at National Sporting Weekend

A great arrival beer – nice touch Oxford.

Somehow we finished 5th nationally which is impressive as we only dipped our toe in last year.  We had the Bury St Edmunds guys come with us and Sudbury also so it shows how good we can be when we group together.

We arrived and was given a beer on arrival – nice touch Oxford and I have to say a nice beer as well!

We arrived and settled in quickly before hitting the town to freshen up with some Oxford ale.  Then some of the bars and pubs which was good as somehow we ended up being banned from one (not sure what anyone did) but it wasn’t us.

We then visited some clubs for a bit of a dance and some more drinks.  Then we slowly faded and returned back to the rooms at different times.

NSW Rooms

Good rooms at Oxford but oddly the toilets were very high for some of our shorter members 🙂

We were then up and spry for the days sports.  Our Area 41 T-Shirts on and we were ready to go.

We were then on with the sporting events in which we did well and the Saturday night dinner, laughing and fun before another night out and then home.  All shown in the gallery (below).

It was a good laugh with many funny moments.  We almost won the Archery taking 2nd, we finished 3rd in the Cross Country (go Chairman) and we also finished 3rd in the Swimming.  We also helped another group finish 3rd in the covered Tug of War.

The accommodation at Oxford Brook University was good and the sports were a lot of fun.  Too much drink on Friday night and a 5.30 am bedtime for some of us (up at 8.30am) and doing sport was a tall order but we ALL made it.

We enjoyed some food, bars and clubs and all in all we had a blast with minimal injuries.  The journey home was easy on us and we returned home with a smile and some funny stories.

5th out of the countries regions.  I think this is a really good target for us to beat next year – well done Area 41.

A big gallery of images showing what we got up to – we hope you enjoy.  If you would like to join the fun you can join the best group for guys around – Ipswich, Ipswich Round Table.

The Safest Friday Night Pictures – More To Follow I Expect


The Sporting Pictures


Saturday Night Dinner

The Results Are In – AREA 41 ROCKED

Sunday Morning – More to Follow

Thanks for visiting our site and our weekend away – if you want to know more get in touch via our site.