Make New Friends

Maybe you have moved to a new area or your mates have moved away/changed, now is the time to make new friends.

We are one of the easiest ways to make new friends in your local area . The welcome you find amongst ‘Table’ is excellent. The Ipswich group are as welcoming and genuine a bunch of people as you could meet.

“One of the biggest things I noticed is that despite the different backgrounds, jobs, and levels of professional achievement in the room, once you’re at Round Table, you are all equal and you’ll make new friends”.
Paul Bewley

Why will you be greeted like an old friend? It is because Round Table across the world is run by the members for the members and life can throw up some strange things. There is no company profiting at the end of the chain and at some point all of us have been the new guy.

If you have any questions at all get in touch as we are all local people living around Ipswich and it’s about the most relaxed environment you will find, regardless of what walk of life you come from or what you do in your day job.

“I’ve had great fun with people who quickly became good friends”.
Kevin Ward

If you want to have an instant social life and make new friends, get in touch.

“I was introduced to Ipswich Roundtable by a friend from Colchester.  I was told was something I would love and get a lot from, he wasn’t wrong. What does table mean to me, well like most guys my age I’m a busy person job, young family and other interests so I don’t have a lot of spare time.  Table is a great chance to unwind, have a laugh (the banter is excellent) and socialise with decent people.  As I had got a little older and the commitments kept mount up I found that I had less and less me time which Table has given back to me.  It is different from my other friends who I still see, a couple have even joined table since I did in 2012!!!
It is good for business, life and all things really.  A great bit of fun for me and rewarding in so many other ways”.
Paul Bewley