Laser Tag at Jimmy’s Farm

Last night 15 intrepid members of Ipswich Round Table set of to do battle with lasers!

In truth we had a fantastic time, hard work, hard running and great fun.  We arrived at Jimmy’s Farm just outside Ipswich at 6.30 which was a push.  Then, we were given the safety brief and away we went.

One team of 6 and one of 7 faced off against each other in the usual skirmish style matches you see in Paintball and Airsoft.  Some players had a good advantage using stealth and some just ran headlong into fire.

It was a cracking night and we all had a lot of fun.  A great social event, good equipment, well run and easy to play!

Against the odds the team with 6 players won!  A great event and a good call by out Chairman.

If you are male, aged 18-45 and wanted to join Ipswich Round Table you can.  We give a lot back to the community and it’s a very rewarding organisation to join.  To find out more contact us.