Ipswich Community

Giving Back to the Ipswich Community

We know the feeling you get when you can fulfill a wish for a very poorly child, when you can build a local school playground, or organise a Christmas party for your local retirement home. Join Round Table and you will have fun, make lifelong friends and have opportunities that will allow you to make a real difference to you and the Ipswich community.

Since March 2013 Ipswich Round Table have so far helped.

In the year to 31st of March 2013 we helped the following causes in the local area, giving almost £20,000 in donations but also time and assistance:

  • Masons Magic
  • Brookes Wish to Walk

In the year to March 2012 we donated over £15,000 in funds as well as free time.

  • Ipswich Epilepsy Society
  • Wellington Children’s Centre
  • Masons Magic

At a lose end on a Monday night, want to make a difference to the Ipswich community and have a good laugh at the same time? – If so get in touch.