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We are a group of guys aged 18-44 from a mixed background. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month usually around 7.30pm where we will do an event. It is either a social event (anything), a sit down dinner or a dinner meeting where we talk about fundraising. Aside from a great laugh we raise thousands of pounds a year for local causes doing all manner of things.
No, you attend what you can as at times we all have other things going on.
They are really simple, they alternate between social and dinner meetings with a business meting once a quarter. The business meeting we discuss our charitable activities and results. The other two are more relaxed. A social we do something different all the time, it could be an evening at the pub, scuba diving, fencing, painting literally anything.

The dinner meeting is simply a sit down dinner with a lot of banter and amusement over a few drinks.

We are part of the Round Table, Great Britain and Ireland, that’s is it.
Aside from a hilarious laugh and we mean this. You get to meet some new people on an even footing and a sense of belonging. Some of the group will become friends some, good contacts but it gives you something different with an easy going environment.
No not at all, just get in touch. A lot of us will have known people that has suggested they come along but we are not that sort of group. If your male, 18-44 then get in touch it really is that simple, contact us through the website.
Contact us as there are other groups like Rotary that you can join. Many of our ex members are in this group.
Currently it is £30 per month. For this you get most of your meals covered in this and a host of other things. It is really money well spent.
Our national HQ is a charity in its own right but at Ipswich we are not.
As a group we don’t keep any of it. All the money goes into the charities and causes we support.  Our subs which we pay out of our own pocket covers our meals and we pay for our own drinks.

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