At Ipswich Round Table we have a plan to enable us to help as many people and groups as possible.  In order to do this we have a simple framework in place so we can provide the funds, activities and support which we offer to local causes.

How we do this?

Well, simply it is done with a number of officers who form our committee.  The job of the committee is simple,  to ensure Ipswich Round Table is as effective as it can be and that we attract new members into the group.  Any organisation or group needs to evolve at some point and at Ipswich Round Table we have a rich vein of history and tradition but we very much an evolving group.

The idea behind the committee is everyone who is a member and want’s to take on a responsibility gets the chance to.  We always look to draw on the expertise from within the group.

Officers for 2018/19 are as follows: