Area 41 is relaunched and starts strong

Area 41 Pic 3

Studley Tabler International Relations Officer, Paul Bewley of Ipswich Round Table and Marcus Jones National President of Round Table.

Being in Round Table is about more than just the immediate group of people you join.  In Ipswich we have nearly 30 members who we get to know well and do a lot of good work for charity with.  You get to build friendships which last well beyond Table.  An added benefit of being in Round Table is that there is a much wider Round Table community.

We are a global movement with other groups up and down England, the UK and overseas.  At Ipswich we have reformed our area which had drifted in the past and now Area 41 is up and going again.

Area 41 consists of Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury.  It was a good evening and we were well looked after by Ipswich’s Grand Central.  Great food and a good fun venue!

Area 41 Pic

Matt Eaton Area 33 Chairman and Craig Sennett Chairman of Ipswich Round Table.

A group of us from all the Tables met there as did our National President Marcus Jones and our International Relations Officer (IRO) Studley Tabler.  It was a good evening hearing about all the good work the other local Tables do and also sharing our successes as well.  We’ve elected a new Area Chairman and a process so succession happens naturally.  We think it will be a big hit to boost the very strong Ipswich Table even further.

It was good to get some nice comments from our national heads whilst they were there but also to meet and greet the leadership of the other local tables.  We even met Matt Eaton, the Area Chairman of Essex, Area 33.  We’ve even got Matt to join us to help Area 41 flourish.

It was good work by Ipswich’s Paul Bewley for getting this up and running again and now we will all support him and our new Area Chair Tony Vinyard to ensure it flourishes.