About Ipswich Round Table

In truth Ipswich Round Table isn’t the easiest thing to quantify as we are a number of things to different people. In essence we are a small group of guys from very different walks of life that have a chance to give something back to the local community. Better than that, we are actually part of a worldwide group which has a strong regional presence also.  Near by to us we have Colchester, Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury tables as well.  With us in Ipswich, we makes huge strides to help those less fortunate than ourselves around our town.

In terms of numbers we have close to 30 members so there is always a good crowd to speak with.  We meet twice a month doing a social activity, a dinner or business meeting and across the year we do a number of great fundraising events.

About Ipswich Round Table

Round Table groups exist all across the country and worldwide to serve as a format for young men to meet as equals, exchange ideas and improve social and business skills. In addition to doing this in a fun environment you will do a range of activities that you wouldn’t normally do.  In addition to this we raise vital money predominantly local causes that directly benefit people around where we live, in our case Ipswich.

Round Table is a very relaxed thing and works simply by having three normal types of meetings – social, business and dinner meetings. The latter two have a degree of formality to them but are still very chilled out and honestly a lot of fun.

Round Table is suitable for 18-45 year old males and the organisation has been around since 1927. Corporate social responsibility is a strong ethic for Round Table members and we are really humbled by the good we do in the local community but it’s more than that. You will make good contacts and many of these over time, turn into friends.

We are proud to raise around £20,000 per year to better the lives of those around us. This money is always put to good use among the community and it really does change lives. All this is done just by giving a little time in exchange for a lot of fun and personal satisfaction.

Below are just some of what you will get with Ipswich Round Table.

Our current Chairman for 2016/17 is Rob Hart who we know will deliver a fantastic year of events and fundraising for the people of Ipswich.  Rob has been a member of Round Table for around 6 years and he has been involved in many aspects of the group.  We know this will be a great year and we really look forward to seeing what he brings.

In aid of Lockerbie disaster we raised £1000 at Martlesham Squash Club .

Lockerbie Roundtable built a childrens play area.

Left to right. 1 Me 5 Kelvin Larcombe 6 Paul Taylor 8 James McHiliny 11 Roger Oatley.