We welcome two new members to Ipswich Round Table

It’s always great to induct new members to Ipswich Round Table.  It’s good to meet and get to know new members and especially learning about their interests and skills to see how they can help us to keep doing what we do.  We also had Wendy Quantrill visit us from Lapwing for the cheque presentation for what we raised on our charity ball night.

Tonight we inducted Ben Moore and Tom Bryce who look like they will be two cracking members of the group.  On an induction night we try to make it a memorable evening, usually at the expense of the inductees.

We were really well looked after again by Grand Central.  The food was great and they were very accommodating for us.

The evening started with a few shots and kept on that way for most of the night.  The members got to play ‘Get to know your class mates’ which they failed at and had some home made chocolate ‘surprises’ for their trouble.  We saw 5 grown men racing on adult space hoppers and a host of other jokes.  A very detailed speech from Mick our guest speaker about the history of the Cobbold family also went down well.

We had a great time and it was a proper table induction night!  Welcome aboard gents!