The Round Table Time Bank Delivers

During the ball we had earlier in the year we raised a record amount of money, which was great!  One of the prizes given away was the use of our Time Bank.  This is something we have done for charities where a group of us turn up mob handed to complete any choirs or tasks within reason.  We did this to help Gorseland Primary School out but at our charity ball we auctioned this off and one of our own members sprang into action.  Adrian Game wanted some garden work doing, so who better than us!


A group of us arrived mob handed to sort out some tasks he had to do outside of his house.  These included:

  • Sorting the garden guttering
  • Installing two water butt system
  • Trellis erection and installation
  • Garden maintenance
  • Driveway repair
  • General DIY
  • Cleaning and maintenance

Before finishing with a BBQ and some drinks as well as chasing his dog.

It was good of Adrian to be so generous at the ball but also we did some sterling work for him and had a great giggle doing it.

If you would like to know more about Round Table Timebank and how it could help your charity or organisation please contact us through our website.