This was a new one for many of us but actually really good

Let it not be said we are not up for new things.  So this was a first for many of us and we all enjoyed it.  Yoga gave us all a good stretch and then a drink and some chips afterwards didn’t really help the weight loss but it rounded off a good event.


Our social decided we should take on this event and the guys got stuck in with the usual table enthusiasm.  We all met up at Christchurch Park on a lovely summer night in our fitness gear and were put through our paces.

It was nice seeing how supple or inflexible some of us were.  We all rolled our sleeves up and I am sure we put on a funny sight for those joggers passing us by.  We then retired to the Greyhound for some great chips and a drink.  I for one could feel the stretch the next morning which has to be a good thing.